Keith Seyffarth wrote:
Googling that shows it to be a file shared with Windows boxes when you're running samba. I don't know if you set up samba or not, but I would ignore this error for now. It's likely unrelated to the printing problem that you're having.

OK. Thanks. I guess. I was kind of hoping that figuring that out might
be the fix...

Do you have the startup script:
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/cupsd ?

If so, what is the output of /usr/local/etc/rc.d/cupsd status?
currently it's:
cupsd is running as pid 721.

but I did start cups manually since my last reboot.

Cupsd was started automatically on reboot by the script. So that part is working fine.

after rebooting the machine, it's:
cupsd is not running.

<config info snipped>

This seems to me to be area to focus on. Have you tried starting if from cli and seeing if any errors show. Also check logs etc recompile cups w/ debugging info if applicable. I suspect it's not so you may have to increase the verbosity in a config file somewhere. It's been awhile since I printed from FreeBSD, but my last experience was positive and not nearly as much issue as you're having. Anyways I suspect following cupsd not starting to it's end will result in either solving the issue or at least getting to a point where it's easy to resolve. You can also try to trace back /usr/local/etc/rc.d/cupsd to see where it's failing.
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