I was wondering if anyone uses RAV antiviruse with FreeBSD and Postfix.
I can't get their tech support to tell me how to rotate it's log file using
only newsyslog.
I entered the entries to newsyslog.conf, but I think that RAV is still
rotating the files.
I commented out the section that tells RAV how often to rotate the file, and
it looks like it rotates the files at ramdom or something.
I wasn't able to see what caused the files to rotate. As far as hour, day,

I want to set the logs for RAV to rotate every Sunday night at Midnight. But
the way it's setup, you can't do that.
They only give you the option to rotate by the number of hours, days or by
So if I want to come up with some reports on how many viruses we got for the
week, I can't.
Unless, I set the file to rotate daily, which would be fine for a week but
not for a month.


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