On Tuesday 21 April 2009 16:20:52 RW wrote:

> The bottom line though, is that ntpdate_enable=yes solves the problem
> entirely, since the real problem is not the step, but the fact that it
> happens in the background, and after a delay.

Care to expand on that? Dovecot won't stop if root issues a date command that 
sets time to the past, for example?

> ntpdate may be deprecated, but it's been deprecated for years, and I
> doubt it will go away until ntpd fully replaces it's functionality.
> ntpd -gq can replace ntpdate in a crontab, but ntpd -gqn doesn't really
> replace ntpdate -b in the boot-sequence.

I'm actually counting on it to be gone in 8.0.
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