On Sat, 2003-03-01 at 07:17, Bill Moran wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> >     This is really wonky!  I've tried all sorts of variations on the
> > following rules:
> > 
> >     add pass tcp from any 53 to
> >     add pass udp from any 53 to
> >     add pass tcp from to any 53
> >     add pass udp from to any 53
> I'm assuming that you're not running a DNS cache on the firewall?  So make
> sure these rules come _after_ the divert rule.
> You'll need keep-state's on the udp rules.  Although tcp port 53 is
> registered to DNS, I've never actually seen it used.  Here are some
> rules to try:
> add pass udp from to any 53 keep-state
> add pass udp from any to any 53 keep-state via xx0 out

        That appears to have done the trick, thanks very much!  That
keep-state appears to be the key that I wasn't quite understanding.

        Now, we'll just hope I don't run into the same problem with FreeBSD 4.3
where after a week of running like this, DNS queries would
suddenly stop getting through until I flushed and reset the firewall.

        Thanks again!


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