I am currently using Postfix/SASL/Courier-IMAP, and am looking for a set
of tools that will do what I want.

- Authenticated SMTP where no password is sent in cleartext (preferably
allowing but not requiring TLS)
- Authenticated IMAP and POP where no password is sent in cleartext
(again preferably allowing but not requiring TLS)
- Single user database (not /etc/passwd for login and sasldb for email)
- Virtual domain support, preferably such that [EMAIL PROTECTED] can be
separate from [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- The ability to insert arbitrary headers into outgoing email (I want
to insert the Habeas headers)
- Maildir support from MTA, IMAP server, and POP server

Any suggestions?  I *think* I can get the first through third through a
combination of SASL and LDAP, if the MTA I choose supports one or the
other, including the distinction between [EMAIL PROTECTED] and
[EMAIL PROTECTED]; the fourth is not supported by Postfix, so I need to
find a different MTA.  I don't want to deal with learning the Sendmail
arcana, and things I've heard about QMail have put me off of it.  Can
this be done with Exim, and where would I look for how to configure
things?  Or is there another MTA that I'm failing to consider?

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