On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 12:50:47PM -0700, Christopher Chambers wrote:
> I have found that burning software is unable to detect my cdrom.

*What* burning software?

/usr/sbin/burncd should recognize the drive.

If you are trying to run cdrecord then you need "device atapicam" added
to your kernel config. Try "cdrecord -scanbus" to learn how cdrecord
names your device.

> I would assume that this is because acd0 is listed in fstab as
> read-only.

/etc/fstab is a File System Table used for mounting filesystems. You are
a ways off just yet in having a filesystem on acd0 to mount.

> I am just a little worried that changing it to rw might wreck a cd
> (already burnt) one day. Since cp or mv to /cdrom won't work, I guess
> my fear is unjustified hey?

The OS doesn't know how to write/append an ISO 9660 filesystem so there
would be no possibility of attempting an accidental write to CDROM.

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