I've done a lot of searching and maybe this capability doesn't exist, but I am looking to do this:

I am at my company's HQ, we have a new field office that I am setting up a FreeBSD server. The technical knowledge at the site windows only, so I basically have someone I can have put a CD in a drive and power a machine on.

My problem is that the default install of FreeBSD has password authentication turned off, and root SSH disabled. Being a small office, they don't have a IP KVM or some way for me to get to the box to configure it.

My hope was that I could make an automated install CD/DVD that configured all the options I want AND change some base config files so I can actually get to the box (or install an SSH key).

I know I can do the scripted sysinstall, but from what I could find I would need a floppy or additional CD to put the answer file on.

I'm open to other options if someone has gone down this road before!


Scott Seekamp

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