I understand your point. 

But since a application can modify it to a arbritary value there must be
some way to keep the app from doing nasty stuff.
FreeBSD has MAC implementations ;-)))

Mr. Olli

On Di, 2009-04-21 at 17:02 +0200, Mel Flynn wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 April 2009 15:13:47 Mister Olli wrote:
> > no does not work, since using SSH / SFTP does not involve starting a
> > shell. so umask settings don't work.
> Then you're using the wrong system for the task. The OS can't make 
> assumptions 
> about "what the ownership/modes of a file should really be, if an application 
> is telling it they should be different".
> This is why more mature FTP daemons allow modes/ownerships to be set on 
> upload.
> The OS already:
> - gives a new file group of the containing directory so it is easy to create 
> "shared files" in a "shared directory"
> - has a default umask that is world readable
> - allows changing a users umask
> The application (sftp) overrides all this and now you're expecting the OS to 
> override that again. Don't think so ;)

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