> What kind of printing do you need to do?

For the moment there are two things:
1. Create .pdf files from HTML/XHTML documents viewed in Firefox or
2. Print HTML/XHTML documents viewed in Firefox or Opera to a

> To send files to some either attached or network attached printer,
> you just need to:
>   set up an entry in  /etc/printcap  
>       for a printer named myprt,  make something like: 
>     lp|myprt|HP OfficeJet 4110 N:\
>           :lp=:rp=myprt:rm=myprt.prt.full.hostname:\
>           :sh:mx#0:\
>           :sd=/var/spool/myprt:\
>           :lf=/var/log/printer.log:
>     (Of course, change myprt.prt.full.hostname to a real address)

I have this:

>   create a spool directory for it in /var/spool 
>         (eg for a printer named myprt in printcap, 
>          create a /var/spool/myprt directory 

created directory /var/spool/print.hp

>   create an empty log file for it
>      touch /var/log/printer.log

touched /var/log/print.hp.log

>   then enable lpd in /etc/rc.conf -  lpd_enable="YES"

added this

> This sets up a 'standard' printer destination (named lp)
> Then you can print using lpr(1)

I can send files to the print spool this way, but then they just
disappear from the print spool. There is no evidence of attempted
communication with the printer, and certainly no printing going on.

> Some utilities want to use cups and other heavy stuff, but
> just for regular printing - of a file or from firefox or openoffice, etc
> you don't need that.

Never used OpenOffice...
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