> What port are you referencing?

The error has occurred with a few recently; the latest was compiz
yesterday.  I was going from 0.6.2_2 to 0.7.8_1--sorry, I did not save the
exact output of the error.

The new compiz ran okay until I logged out my x-session and then tried to
log back in.  X froze before getting to the black screen and I had to
restart the system.

I deinstalled compiz and startx ran normally again.

I am wondering if those directories/files which could not be completely
removed might be the cause of the freeze?

> I assume 'by hands' means that you are
> not using a port tool to manage updating a specific port. Is that
> correct?

Yes, I meant to say that I cd into the given /usr/ports/ directory and run
make from there.

Thanks for your help.

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