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> On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 06:10:04PM +0200, Arjen Simon Scheer wrote:
> > why there is not a lunix operatingsystem consortium, for the kernel
> end  
> > the commercial userinterface????
> Good question.   
> Maybe you should ask them.
> Probably few people on this list will know because it is not a Lunix
> Email list.   It is a group of FreeBSD users and FreeBSD is an operating
> system.  It is a BSD UNIX type of operating system.    Although it
> covers 
> some similar territory as Lunix, it is not Lunix nor a flavor of it.   
> So, if you can find a friendly group of Lunix developers, then you 
> can ask them your question.   Probably they will know more.
> As for FreeBSD, it does have a foundation - the FreeBSD foundation
> and a consortium made up of committers which is lead by a core
> group elected every two years.   (something like that, I may be off
> on the election cycle details)
> On the other hand, you can just stick with FreeBSD and not bother
> with the Lunix stuff and you will get along just fine.   
> ////jerry
> LMAO!  Touche!  So, are you saying I shouldn't ask any questions here
> about Ubuntu, Suse, RedHat, et al?  Isn't Lunix better than BSD anyway?
> ;-)

Why would you ask about those things on a FreeBSD list.   
They are all Linux and not the superiour FreeBSD.

I suppose there is one thing - often FreeBSD people know as much
about Lunix as the Lunix people, sometimes because they have
upgraded their lives by climbing out of the Lunix morass and
in to the FreeBSD world.   So, they still remember some of that
stuff even as they are trying to forget.



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