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> Let me state this: correct screen detection is already a problem
> with "the big" X, how should "a small" installer get this right
> with its limited resources? Mind this: The installer runs in a
> very limited setting, while X can rely on an already running
> system.

Yesterday I was installing a CentOS 5.3  Linux distribution in GUI mode .

It detected monitor maximum size correctly ( 1920 x 1440 ) ,
but set the monitor mode to 1600 x 1200 while display was in 1920 x 1440
without screen border sliders .  Click area for Back and Next was the bottom
right corner of the
screen which they were not visible .

I wondered what will be result of install . By changing zoom values of
( Installer was assuming that screen settings are conforming to each other )

I could manage to squeeze 1920 x 1440 screen size into 1600 x 1200 screen
( setting of factory defaults of monitor did not help )  .

Arrangement of monitor settings took longer than installation itself .

Ideas that GUI is NOT better than text based installs is VALID .

Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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