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> Are there any filesystems which FreeBSD has which offer compatibility to
> OpenBSD?  I want to add a OpenBSD partition to my long-existing FreeBSD disk,
> make it OpenBSD, but I want to be able to transfer data between FreeBSD &
> OpenBSD.  Any filesystem which could do that? 

>From my experiences, the tar "filesystem" is the best one to
do this. You can transfer the tar archives (and add compression
if needed) between different operating systems using FTP or
any "Internet means" as well as via optical media, even the
use of floppy disks (if you still know them) is possible.

On one end:

        % tar cvf bla.tar <your stuff here>

On the other end:

        % tar xvf bla.tar

> Or, maybe looking at it from the
> other way, can OpenBSD read any of our FreeBSD filesystems?  I want to move 
> data
> between these two, if at all possible, and they're on the same machine, so nfs
> isn't a possibility here.

FreeBSD and OpenBSD use FFS / UFS file systems. Have you already
tried mounting FreeBSD partitions with OpenBSD or vice versa?

Of course, it's possible to transfer data via FTP, rsync or
scp between machines.

But because you asked about file systems, just try the mount

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