Frederique Rijsdijk wrote:
Liontaur wrote:
Hi folks, I was searching around but i'm not quite sure what i'm looking
for. I want to have a program that gets the mail from my ISP mail server
(pop), stores the mail permanently, allows me webmail access, and also lets me grab the mail with a mail client (Outlook Express). I'd like to be able
to sync the mail with outlook express also. Like if I send a mail over
webmail, that sent mail will also go into the sent box in outlook express,
or conversly, perhaps store all the mail on the server and have outlook
express just show the folders and contents stored on the server. But i'd
have to somehow upload all of the mail currently in my outlook express. I'll also need some kind of spam functionality as I get a sizable amount of spam.
Currently I use K9 for spam and I quite like it.
I guess you could start to look in the area of:

- /usr/ports/mail/fetchmail (to fetch/store the mail)
- /usr/ports/mail/dovecot (for access to the mail via imap)
- /usr/ports/mail/squirremail or roundcube (webmail w/ imap)
- /usr/ports/www/apache22 for the webmail

As you're then using IMAP, any client that connects to dovecot will get the same set of mailfolders (sync).

-- Frederique

I've not used roundcube, but horde imp is a also an IMAP webmail client, and I find to be be a much better client than squirrelmail.
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