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> On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 10:39:26 -0700, Liontaur <liont...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I want to have a program that gets the mail from my ISP mail server
> > (pop), stores the mail permanently,
> This would be a task for fetchmail. It stores the mail
> in mbox format in /var/mail/$USER, so you can chose any
> mail program to incorporate them.

fetchmail, gotcha. I'll look into that.

> > allows me webmail access, and also lets
> > me grab the mail with a mail client (Outlook Express).
> Repeat after me: "Outlook Express" is NOT a mail client. :-)

The Outlook Express deal is not for me, that's for another person who needs
access to this email account and they happen to be very computer illiterate
and being as they're used to OE, i'm not going to bother trying to teach
them something new. As for me, I plan on just using webmail to access this
email account.

> > or conversly, perhaps store all the mail on the server and have outlook
> > express just show the folders and contents stored on the server. But i'd
> > have to somehow upload all of the mail currently in my outlook express.
> I'll
> > also need some kind of spam functionality as I get a sizable amount of
> spam.
> > Currently I use K9 for spam and I quite like it.
> Under certain circumstances, it looks like a job for
> an IMAP solution. Note that most of the things you've
> mentioned are possible with standard UNIX mail applications,
> because many stuff can be done on a per-file basis.
> Regarding the part of a web interface, I'm sure there
> are free webmailers that you can run on your server.
> If your machine is not a server, your idea with keeping
> local files and server files in sync is excellent.
> There are good programs that cope with spam, such as
> SpamAssassin, or simple filter rules in your preferred
> mail application.

IMAP, gotcha. And yea, the idea is to run this stuff on a FreeBSD server
i've got running just for little tasks like this, then the windows
workstation can access it with a not-a-real email client and I can access it
from wherever from my laptop too.

> > Thanks for any help you can offer folks!
> Well, I know that my comment isn't much help, but maybe
> you find a starting point in it, and if it's only to
> start *not* using "Outlook Express", because it solves
> nothing. :-)

Oh your comments are helpful, I don't care what everyone else says ;)
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