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I uninstalled firefox 2, installed firefox 3 and use it. Later,
portupgrade of librsvg2 began to build firefox 2 (I aborted it with ^C).
Then I specified

    "graphics/librsvg2" => "WITH_GECKO=xulrunner",

in MAKE_ARGS in /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf . Now I'm trying to portupgrade
mplayer-plugin, it also tried to build firefox 2. I tried

Do a 'make config' in graphic/librsvg2 and disable the mozilla plugin
option.  It's not needed for firefox3 -- at least firefox is still happily
rendering SVG content for me -- and it gets rid of the libxul vs. xulrunner
thing.  Everything else that uses Gecko which I have installed works happily
with WITH_GECKO=libxul in /etc/make.conf



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