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> fetchmail, gotcha. I'll look into that.

I'm using it myself and I'm still happy with it. The advantage is
that you can use it for more than just one POP account.

> The Outlook Express deal is not for me, that's for another person who needs
> access to this email account and they happen to be very computer illiterate
> and being as they're used to OE, i'm not going to bother trying to teach
> them something new. As for me, I plan on just using webmail to access this
> email account.

Then I'd suggest to install Mozilla Thunderbird and give it the
"Outlook Express" icon. They won't notice any difference. But
recipients of mails will - no double HTML garbage. :-)

Webmail is not that bad (because important stuff is done in the
background - "the backend"), but I prefer a real mail program.
That's easy when you're at home or at work where you can
access these resources, but webmail is very handy when you're
at another place and still want to to your email stuff. Your
idea of combining both (read: IMAP) is quite good.

> IMAP, gotcha. And yea, the idea is to run this stuff on a FreeBSD server
> i've got running just for little tasks like this, then the windows
> workstation [...]

Computer with "Windows" == PC; Computer with UNIX == Workstation. :-)

> [...] can access it with a not-a-real email client and I can access it
> from wherever from my laptop too.

And you can even integrate a standard mail client (e. g. Thunderbird)
in this setting to have your mail done more comfortable, without
interfering with what's already done.

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