> By "kicked out" you mean "overwritten"? 
>You should definitely look at "gmirror list" before and after. 

Sorry for the confusion. By "kicked out", what I meant was as gmirror started 
up it took ad4 as the principal member, saw that it was previously part of a 
mirror with three other drives and tried to add those drives. These drives 
could not be added for some reason so the system eventually completed the 
process leaving a degraded mirror with only 1/4 members active. When the system 
completed booted, a gmirror list showed that the mirror consisted of only a 
single member of the expected four members. 

We have software that runs automatically when a system has booted to make sure 
all drives are partipating in the mirror. In this case it discovered 3 of the 4 
drives were missing and proceeded to add them back in. This is where their old 
data gets destroyed of course. If I go through this exact same process with any 
of the other drives everything works as it should--that drive gets reinserted 
and none of the other drives lose any data. The problem only occurs when the 
drive that's pulled is the first drive, which in our case is ad4. 

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