I'm using an Intel DG33BU board with a SATA HD and SATA optical drives.
Using FreeBSD 7.1 AMD64 I get a kernel panic and subsequent file system
corruption when attempting to burn a cd using the burncd utility. I can
avoid this easily enough by using cdrecord and growisofs which work as
they should. I wanted to alert others using the same or similar boards.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd  like to know why this happens. Is there a
planned update to the burncd software or how it addresses the system
that might remedy this in future releases?


I'm assuming the reason for the panic is that SATAII is substantially incompatible with the old ATAPI standard that burncd was designed for. In light of the fact that soon, most hardware (even older hardware) will feature SATA drives, it would be nice if there were a compatible base system burn utility. Burncd could linger on for the sake of much older machines, but could be prominently labeled as "legacy" software.

--David yet again
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