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        [[[ ... ]]]
> I've never done video editing on FreeBSD; but on a Mac, you can create a
> movie using slides and a sound file (wav, mp3, etc).  You would need an
> application that could import images and sound, and let you sync the two by
> assigning the order and duration of each slide.  It would then have to spit
> out a movie file, of course.
> Any video editing (on FreeBSD) knowledge out there?
> Another option is a python script that uses vnc to create a shockwave flash
> file from your actions on your desktop:
> http://www.unixuser.org/~euske/vnc2swf/
> The script is able to import a sound file that you record while you create
> the demo.

        as i get back from a fifteen minute run out the back, screaming
        loudly....  if anybody would care to volunteer to help me with
        this, it would transcend mere Outstanding.  facts are that i'm 
        still polishing the last 7 or 8 of my mumblings/jottings.  been
        at this since the 1980's, maybe a bit before.  so way too long to
        throw in the towel now.

        a year, two ago a volunteer in my library group gathered up the
        mess of 70+ jottings and created 15 [?] subsections.  meanwhile,
        i've found and gotten permission to use one or two photographs.
        anybody brave enough to browse my existentialist mumblings to see
        what kind of photo might fit with what??


> Good luck,
> Andrew

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