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> I've never done video editing on FreeBSD; but on a Mac, you can create a
> movie using slides and a sound file (wav, mp3, etc).  You would need an
> application that could import images and sound, and let you sync the two by
> assigning the order and duration of each slide.  It would then have to spit
> out a movie file, of course.
> Any video editing (on FreeBSD) knowledge out there?

No knowledge, but idea: As you know, mencoder can do everything.
So it should be possible to create something like a strain of
image files (like "animated GIF") and put it together with a
sound file then. This could be done for smaller pieces first
(one slide + text speech), and then the slides could be
concatenated to create the whole video file.

The file format should be a standardized and free format in
first position, and for those who cannot ("Windows") or are
not allowed to (?) use them, formats like MPEG and AVI could
be added.

if mencoder can't do the thing with the images, maybe it's
worth taking a look at ImageMagick and its convert command.

> Another option is a python script that uses vnc to create a shockwave flash
> file from your actions on your desktop:
> http://www.unixuser.org/~euske/vnc2swf/
> The script is able to import a sound file that you record while you create
> the demo.

Interesting idea, but I would suggest to avoid "Flash" whenever possible.
But to continue this idea: If the output is a simple .flv file, it could
be turned into something standardized using mencoder again. I've used
youtube-dl and mencoder to do so - but only three times! I swear it's
true! :-) (After "Flash" annoyed me so much on web pages, I decided
to relapse my system into a "Flash"-free state.

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