Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> When downloading files over FTP (proftpd) or HTTP (apache 2.2) I only
>> get about 800kb/s, uploading seems to have the same limit (couldn't
>> test it really, as my line stops at abount 860kb/s). When I start
>> multiple downloads, I get 800kb/s for each transfer, up to about
>> 5000kb/s, which is the limit of my downstream at home.
>> Is there some kind of traffic shaping or QOS somewhere?
> or ethernet autonegotiation problems  - one side gets full duplex other
> half duplex.

I agree.

Check the interface on the device that connects into their network. You
will likely see all sorts of interface errors.

Try having them force to 100/Full, and you do the same at your end.

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