On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 8:08 PM, Leon Meßner

> Hi,
> i'm having a problem with the disk numbering of RAID arrays (3ware
> 9650SE). When i boot, the array with my system is always the last
> numbered drive (ATM its ad16). This array is on its own controller.
> lsdev in the loader shows the array as drive0 (first BIOS drive i
> assume).
> Is there a way to hardwire this to ad0 as i dont want my system
> array to have different numbers when booting with different amounts
> of drives attached to the system.
> I couldn't find any hints on this in the 3ware manuals or
> controller-setup.
> Thanks in Advance,
> Leon
> FWIW: This is on FreeBSD-7.1-p5 (latest binary update).

That's one of the advantages of putting labels on a filesystem.  You then
specify in fstab that you mount by it's label versus the device name

And just so you don't go around and around in circles -- tunefs will create
/dev/ufs and geom_label/glabel will create /dev/label

There is a bug report to clarify the docs I submitted about this.

To clear /dev/label, you use glabel, to clear /dev/ufs, you use tunefs
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