On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 10:23 AM, Rolf G Nielsen
<listrea...@lazlarlyricon.com> wrote:
> And why is a graphical installer needed or even wanted? As several people,
> including, I believe, Wojciech, pointed out, it would just make the
> installation process slower without adding anything useful to functionality.
> Concentrate on function and flexibility instead of eye candy. And I tend to
> agree with Polyptron about language. I have several friends who wouldn't
> dream of using a system that's English only. Simply because they do not
> understand it well enough.

I never said a graphical installer was needed.  My problem with this
thread (and most others he contributes to) is Wojciech's attitude in
this otherwise (mostly)helpful community.  "Use something else" makes
this entire list look unhelpful and unwilling to hear people's
opinions on features others may find useful.

> Rolf Nielsen

Glen Barber
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