> > I've also thought about the concept of a web-ui installer, even if it's
> run
> > from the local machine.  The benefit of a webui installer is that you can
> > give the disk to someone, tell them to put it up on a publically
> available
> > IP address and just sit back and let it run.  but I ramble on....
> I'm not sure I understood this correctly... Do you suggest
> something like running a (minimalistic) web server from the
> machine where FreeBSD is about to be installed, and then
> have either a HTTP connection from localhost or from a
> distant machine (where someone else can do the install)?

Yes.  To both.  lynx or maybe opera depending on if it's a console install
or X install.

Otherwise could be used from remote so the people unfamiliar with this OS
(let's think datacenter) can pop in a disk, assign an IP (maybe within the
lynx/opera browser), and offer up a password to secure the remote install.

I like this idea, but it's my plaything when it comes to actually making a
prototype when I decide if I want to move further into it or bail on it.
The idea just sounded nice.

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