Just my two cents:

Why a graphical installer? Shure, it looks nice, easy, modern and more accessable (examples: Mac OS X, Vista), but on the other hand, for me FreeBSD never was intended to be fancy, but to be functional.

The text mode installer:
- works on every PC, every graphics card, every screen, with serial console, with ssh, with screenreader
- is easy enough for people who are able to use it after the installation
- doesn't need a mouse to be usable

FreeBSD isn't Linux/OSX/Windows, FreeBSD is not for users who want eyecandy, FreeBSD is for professinals who want perfectly working systems, who know how to edit .conf-files, which packages the need and so on. (at least I think so)

IMHO, the biggest problem with graphical installers is that they just don't work for everyone. For example, my last attempts to install Ubuntu Linux stopped when the installer didn't work with my graphics card or just choosed a mode my TFT didn't support. This was such a bad experience, I didn't wanted to try it anymore.

Neo [GC]
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