>Jan Catrysse wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I am having some problems with NFS and slow performance.
>> This is the scenario:
>> 2x FreeBSD 7.1. (Raid storage server, MP, the works)
>> GB Lan interface between them.
>> When I transfer 1 big file the speed is never higher than 10MB/s with a
>> to 14MB/s.
>> When I transfer multiple files at the same time speed is about 10MB/s per
>> thread.
>> Disk speed > 100MB/s
>> Network speed using samba > 60MB/s (limited by clients disk speed)
>> Tried enabling NFSlockd, NFSstatd but that changes nothing.
>> Any help or hunch would be greatly appreciated.
>Here are some ideas for testing:
>* Any firewall in between them? Do you have network errors?
>* Any other network problems, like DNS lookup failures? (not that it
>should matter for sustained tranfers but still...)
>* Are you using TCP or UDP for NFS? TCP should be better in all cases.
>* Have you monitored the system with "top"? Try hitting "S" and "H" in
>top while transfering files, see if anything looks suspicious.
>* Run "iostat 1", check tps and KB/t.
>* What file system are you using?

Hello Ivoras,

NFS TCP did the trick. I tried it already but I didn't properly dismount the
volumes before remounting them on TCP. I did a mount -u -a instead.
Using netstat it became clear NFS was still using UDP. A umount and mount -a
did the trick!


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