On Mon, 27 Apr 2009 10:30:43 -0400, Jerry McAllister <jerr...@msu.edu> wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 11:45:07AM -0700, Michael David Crawford wrote:
> FreeBSD is not happy with MS 'extended partitions'.   But, I don't really
> see your problem.   You are not using Microsloth for anything.

That's why I'm not sure why FAT has been mentioned. As far as
I understood, the disk should have three operating systems
(Linux, FreeBSD 7, FreeBSD 8) and a partition where all these
systems can have a shared mount point for /home.

So my idea would be... no, my further questions would be:
1. Can FreeBSD mount -o rw a file system that is usable
   on Linux, maybe ext2? If yes, use this file system type
   for the partition that is /home then.
2. Can Linux mount -o rw a file system that is usable
   on FreeBSD, maybe UFS? If yes, use this file system type
   for the partition that is /home then.

Because the /home partition is not intended to be booted
from, it should be possible to add it.

> Create your Lunix slice first, then one for FreeBSD 7.2 and finally one
> for FreeBSD 8.0.   You still logically have one left for something but
> it doesn't seem to be needed and neither does a 'logical partition'.

Hasn't the fact that Linux needs two primary partitions
(one for itself, one for its boot loader) mentioned?

> FreeBSD might be able to mount the CENTOS slice stuff if you use
> the right type of mount.  I don't know about mounting Lunix from FreeBSD.
> But, you can't do it the other way (eg mount a FreeBSD type filesystem 
> from Lunix - though maybe, I have never tried it)

That would be the idea.

> From FreeBSD you can mount other types of filesystems such as MS
> by using the correct mount types.   For example, if you want to mount 
> an MS FAT or FAT32, you use an 'msdosfs' type in your fstab file or 
> mount_msdosfs(8) utility to do the mount.   Do some studying to see
> if you can mount any Lunxi type filesystem from FreeBSD.

Exactly. Or, if not, maybe it works vice-versa: mounting a
FreeBSD partition (within a slice, a "primary partition")
from within this Linux.

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