On Tuesday 28 April 2009 14:21:45 VeeJay wrote:
> Hello Peter
> Thanks... I have tried the values but even after rebooting, I am still
> getting the same old values as:
> server1# sysctl -a | grep maxdsiz
>                             compat.ia32.maxdsiz: 536870912
> server1# sysctl -a | grep maxssiz
>                             compat.ia32.maxssiz: 67108864

It's a kenv(1) variable. Either way I don't think it's the problem. mysqld 
uses 1500 threads and many apache processes waiting for mysql to reply. You 
should figure out why that is, cause that sounds like a query that's holding a 
table lock and needing to sort the intermediate result set, stalling all other 
If you really have ~1500 connections and consider that normal operation, then 
you may need more kernel memory.
amd64 doesn't have a process memory limit (feature or bug I'm undecided on), 
so you can delete those.
Instead set:

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