On 2003-03-02 05:47, "Pedro F. Giffuni" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Any chance that http://www.freebsd.org/send-pr.html
> will be fixed, or FreeBSD dislikes feedback??

Not really.  Not without making large changes to the way gnats works.
I'm not against enabling it again, but it'll take a bit of work before
it's safe to open such an easy way to fill the gnats database with
bogus PRs again.

> I've been waiting for this to get fixed to submit two ports and the
> ports guys did changes to the ports tree in the meantime :(.

You can always use send-pr(1).

> I know ..... send-pr(1), but
> 1) I've been unable to make ppp resolv any address.

This is not enough information about send-pr(1) or about 'ppp' to help
you.  You should provide more details about *everything* that is
relevant to your mta setup and the way send-pr(1) fails before someone
steps up and helps you configure your system correctly for posting mail
(this is all that is needed for send-pr(1) to work).

Besides, you can always use send-pr(1) as a tool that spits out a
template for a new bug-report, which you later edit and post with the
mailer of your choise to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.

> 2) I hate vi and don't want to learn it.

That's easy to 'fix'.  Just install an editor that you like from the
ports and set your EDITOR environment variable correctly.

I'm writing this message in GNU Emacs 21.2.1 which I installed from
the ports.  I have set my EDITOR environment variable to:

    [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/giorgos$ grep EDITOR .bashrc
    export EDITOR="${HOME}/bin/edit"

The 'edit' shell script in my ~/bin sets up locale stuff to let me
write Greek and attempts to fire up a range of editors, terminating
when one of them succeeds:

    [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/giorgos$ more ~/bin/edit
    # $RCS: scripts/edit,v 1.2 2002/12/05 23:18:33 keramida Exp $

    # First clear off any locale related environment vars.
    unset __junk `env | sed -n -E '/^(LANG|LC_[A-Z]+)=.*$/ s/=.*$//p'`

    # Then set the preferred locale variables for Greek text.
    export LANG="C"
    export LC_COLLATE="el_GR.ISO8859-7"
    export LC_CTYPE="el_GR.ISO8859-7"

    # Finally try to fire up some editing program.
    # The first one that works will terminate this script.
    test -x /usr/local/bin/emacs  && exec /usr/local/bin/emacs "$@"
    test -x /usr/bin/emacs        && exec /usr/bin/emacs "$@"
    test -x /usr/local/bin/vim    && exec /usr/local/bin/vim "$@"
    test -x /usr/bin/vim          && exec /usr/bin/vim "$@"
    test -x /usr/bin/vi           && exec /usr/bin/vi "$@"
    test -x /bin/ed               && exec /bin/ed "$@"

    # Fail, if we can't exec *any* sort of editing program.
    exit 1

To make a long story short, if you don't like vi(1) don't use it.

- Giorgos

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