PJ wrote:

> I am rather surprised and disappointed that no one has any ideas about
> using and/or installing a French-Canadian keyboard on FreeBSD. That is a
> terrible bug in FreeBSD and a worse slur on the Qu├ębecois (or
> Quebeckers) or are we being neglected and still considered "The White
> Niggers of America"? ;-)
> Anyway, everything I have tried does not work on FreeBSD or on xorg.
> Cannot set it up or switch.
> Somebody, please help.

Probably should start here:


The command locale -a will show all available locales, and the command
locale -m will show all charmaps. You probably want one of:


and a charmap to match above choice:


I don't have direct experience with your situation, but I suspect you may
want ISO8859-1 for what you described. More knowledgeable people may know.

As far as the attitude is concerned, can't help with that. But you should
know that such things just turn people "off", i.e, someone who may have
wanted to try and help you will not, just because. Please keep it about 
FreeBSD, ask technical questions, and leave the rest somewhere else if you
truly do want help. This kind of thing can be offensive to others.


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