On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 06:42:52AM -0400, PJ wrote:
> I am rather surprised and disappointed that no one has any ideas about
> using and/or installing a French-Canadian keyboard on FreeBSD. That is a
> terrible bug in FreeBSD and a worse slur on the Qu├ębecois (or
> Quebeckers) or are we being neglected and still considered "The White
> Niggers of America"? ;-)
> Anyway, everything I have tried does not work on FreeBSD or on xorg.
> Cannot set it up or switch.
> Somebody, please help.

Have you tried:

Option "XkbLayout" "ca(fr)"

in your keyboard/inputdevice section of xorg.conf?

For the console you want to have a look at kbdmap(1) and the list of

Looks like you want:


in /etc/rc.conf




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