Michael Powell wrote:
> PJ wrote:
>> I am rather surprised and disappointed that no one has any ideas about
>> using and/or installing a French-Canadian keyboard on FreeBSD. That is a
>> terrible bug in FreeBSD and a worse slur on the Québecois (or
>> Quebeckers) or are we being neglected and still considered "The White
>> Niggers of America"? ;-)
>> Anyway, everything I have tried does not work on FreeBSD or on xorg.
>> Cannot set it up or switch.
>> Somebody, please help.
> Probably should start here:
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/using-localization.html
> The command locale -a will show all available locales, and the command
> locale -m will show all charmaps. You probably want one of:
> fr_CA.ISO8859-1                                                               
> fr_CA.ISO8859-15                                                              
> fr_CA.UTF-8
> and a charmap to match above choice:
> ISO8859-1
> ISO8859-15
> UTF-8
> I don't have direct experience with your situation, but I suspect you may
> want ISO8859-1 for what you described. More knowledgeable people may know.
> As far as the attitude is concerned, can't help with that. But you should
> know that such things just turn people "off", i.e, someone who may have
> wanted to try and help you will not, just because. Please keep it about 
> FreeBSD, ask technical questions, and leave the rest somewhere else if you
> truly do want help. This kind of thing can be offensive to others.
> -Mike
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I appreciate your response. Thanks for the suggestion.
1. I've already seen that page and a number of other.
2. I have tried the options you suggest, as, obviously, given in the link.
3. About the only thing I got at one point was to get the server to spew
out French, which is not what I want. Xorg did not respond at all to
anything I could throw at it.
4. As to the attitude; I don't have one. And if anyone gets offended, I
could care less as that would only be in their own narrow minds. Did you
see the wink? ;-) ... I love to kid around and of course I like to
provoke a little. It's all in good fun. But then one must understand the
nature of fun or comedy - we do not only laugh because some idiot thinks
it is funny that someone slips on a banana; true comedy stems from
truth: we laugh because we have been exposed to something that is true
or real and after we have laughed we think about why we laughed. Not too
many comics or comedian understand that. And that is why there are so
few that are really funny. :-D
5. If it's about the Quebecois, Boris Vian is the source & author of
that book from the 60's, I believe.
6. If it's about FreeBSD, I think it's the best OS around, but I am
disappointed that fr_CA cannot be set up. I works magnificently on WimpyOS.
I just responded to another suggestion with my explanation of what still
does not work.
Thanks, again.

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