I was just wondering if someone could give me a quick advice on how
(or at least confirm it's possible) to start sshd in fixit console
i.e. how to boot FreeBSD off the CD1 (6.4-RELEASE) and enable SSH
access to it.

What I have tried (unsuccessfully) so far is:

1) copying sshd startup script (and dependencies like missing
sshd_config, rc.subr, sbin/sysctl)  from /dist directory - sshd script
(with forcestart to ignore rc.conf knob) executes and does nothing

2) chroot the /dist directory, mount_devfs and then start sshd -
script tries to generate host keypair and fails to write them due to
read-only filesystem

I believe booting off a live CD and restoring a backup over network
should be a relatively common recovery scenario, but googling around
produced no usable results other than "get FreeSBIE live cd".

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