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I have a problem, I'm trying to upgrade an existing port (net/scapy) , I have done some changes in the Makefile but when I test the command 'make config' I have :

   ===> Options unchanged

I haven't the dialog box with the differents kinds of Options that are written in the Makefile, i have try the 'make rmconfig' but no change.
I am working on my personnal directory, not in /usr/ports/...

The Makefile is:

# New ports collection makefile for:    scapy
# Date created:        08 dec 2005
# Whom:            vanhu <va...@netasq.com>
# $FreeBSD: ports/net/scapy/Makefile,v 1.6 2008/11/19 20:41:56 lwhsu Exp $
# TODO: - configurable --enable-xxx for various additional dependancies

PORTNAME=    scapy
MASTER_SITES=    http://secdev.org/projects/scapy/files/

MAINTAINER=    va...@netasq.com
COMMENT=    Powerful interactive packet manipulation program in python

RUN_DEPENDS=    ${PYTHON_SITELIBDIR}/dnet.so:${PORTSDIR}/net/py-libdnet \

MAN1=        scapy.1

USE_PYTHON=    2.5+

OPTIONS=    PYX "Support for PostScript and PDF graphs drawing" off \
       PYCRYPTO "Support for py-crypto for WEP decoding" off \
       PYGNUPLOT "Support for py-gnuplot wrapper to plot graphs" off \
       P0F_BASE "Support for p0f OS signatures database" off \
       QUESO_BASE "Support for queso OS signatures database" off \
       NMAP "Support for nmap OS signatures database" off \
       MANUF "Support for wireshark's MANUF MAC database" off

.include <bsd.port.pre.mk>

.if defined(WITH_PYX)
RUN_DEPENDS+= ${PYTHON_SITELIBDIR}/pyx/__init__.py:${PORTSDIR}/graphics/py-PyX

.if defined(WITH_PYCRYPTO)
RUN_DEPENDS+= ${PYTHON_SITELIBDIR}/Crypto/__init__.py:${PORTSDIR}/security/py-pycrypto

.if defined(WITH_PYGNUPLOT)
RUN_DEPENDS+= ${PYTHON_SITELIBDIR}/Gnuplot/__init__.py:${PORTSDIR}/math/py-gnuplot

.if defined(WITH_P0F_BASE)
RUN_DEPENDS+=    ${LOCALBASE}/etc/p0f/p0f.fp:${PORTSDIR}/net-mgmt/p0f

.if defined(WITH_QUESO_BASE)
RUN_DEPENDS+=    ${LOCALBASE}/etc/queso.conf:${PORTSDIR}/net/queso

.if defined(WITH_NMAP)
RUN_DEPENDS+= ${LOCALBASE}/share/nmap/nmap-os-fingerprints:${PORTSDIR}/security/nmap

.if defined(WITH_MANUF)
RUN_DEPENDS+= ${LOCALBASE}/share/wireshark/manuf:${PORTSDIR}/net/wireshark

SCAPY_MODULES=    nmap.py p0f.py queso.py

   @${REINPLACE_CMD} "s,share/man/man1,man/man1," ${WRKSRC}/setup.py
       ${SCAPY_MODULES:S,^,${WRKSRC}/scapy/modules/,} \
       ${WRKSRC}/scapy/config.py \

.include <bsd.port.post.mk>

- Aurélien Ansel
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