On Sunday 02 March 2003 02:22 pm, Cliff Sarginson wrote:
| At the risk of being accused of a complainer..
| I will state here that my experiments in the use of portupgrade, have
| left me without a useable X system.
| Guess it is back to the CD's.
| Will the ports maintainers *please* make sure they release compilable
| ports..especially for the big mothers like X/KDE.

This was just much-discussed in STABLE.

I've had a similar experience to yours, though many people gave ways to 
make it work. 

What *I* do is is just "mass upgrade" OR none--

I do the kernel/world thing for my base system,
save my current ports with pkg_info -aI,
pkg_delete '*',
wipe out /usr/local,
go over the packages I saved and remove the version numbers, and do

(on a copy of hte file where I saved them,

delete any that i must build from ports (eg, local patches)
1,$s/^/pkg_add -r/

Check for sanity, and then

source the file . . .

then check the script file and build from ports any that failed,
take any special actions, and
install my local mods (and build from ports those that I need to).

YMMV; lots of people swear by portupgrade.

But I've had better luck with it.
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