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Steven Friedrich <stevenfriedr...@insightbb.com> writes:

On a system with cairo installed, try pkg_info -r cairo\*|grep drm

Here's from one of my systems:
Dependency: libdrm-2.4.9

I did, and don't have that dependency.  I also looked (somewhat quickly,
admittedly) through the makefiles for a way it could be optionally
produced, and didn't come up with anything.

If you want help, assuming that people are idiots is not going to get
you very far.  Especially when most of us can't reproduce what you're
seeing.  Perhaps you have an older set of ports?  If you can figure out
where the dependency came from on your system, it would be a start
towards other people being able to provide advice.

Good luck.
If I have insulted you, I guess it was with the command line using grep, I am sorry. I was not my intent to insult you or insinuate that any of you are idiots. I hold nix people in the highest regard.

I've been running FreeBSD since 1.1.5 (or something like that, it was in what I believe was the very first FreeBSD book published). But I must admit, I'm still struggling to maintain my systems.

For example, I believe that this libdrm dependency that I say cairo has is because cairo has two configurable options, Glitz and XCB. I have both selected. Some ports have config options but I can't find any doc that tells me what other ports might benefit from them. Perhaps no other ports can utilize cairo Glitz OpenGL support? I went to their web site and read their doc, but that doesn't yield FreeBSD specific info.

I removed all ports, and /usr/local and /var/db/pkg, as suggested by Manolis. I updated my ports tree and make fetchindex, but many ports are failing and I have to go to their directory and make reinstall, sometimes I also have to make clean. I think this is caused by the fetched INDEX being slightly out of date with the tree. I think this wouldn't happen with portsdb -uU.

I've started with no ports and added xorg and portupgrade. I'm now installing gnome2. I checked the installed packages with pkg_info and noticed that cairo is installed and I checked it;s dependencies and libdrm is there again. I believe this is because of Glitz option.


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