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> I just put a OpenBSD partition on a EIDE disk I had laying around.  I'd had 
> some
> advice (apparently bad) that the OpenBSD UFS filesystem could provide a
> filesystem that I could access from FreeBSD ... least, just now when I tried 
> to
> mount either of the two filesystems I just created on FreeBSD, FreeBSD seems 
> to
> recognize the disklabel just fine (it sees, in /dev, both ad1s1d and ad1s1e),
> but FreeBSD can't seem to mount either one.
> Is there ANY filesystem that would be a good bet, so that I could transfer 
> stuff
>  to & from FreeBSD to OpenBSD?  Besides (obviously) UFS?
> Thanks

Hi Chuck,

please tell us what exactly the output of mount is,  mount (8) on
FreeBSD 7.1 tells me that UFS is the default filesystem to mount.

best regards

Daniel Dowse

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