On Thursday 30 April 2009 01:05:50 Robert Huff wrote:
> Dan Nelson writes:
> >  > When buying a new SSL cert, I've been generating a new
> >  > request each year...  I am just about to buy another and it
> >  > occurred to me that I'm entering the same info.  Do I really
> >  > need a new request file each year?  Or can I just reuse the
> >  > same one (presuming none of the info has changed.)
> >
> >  You can reuse the old one.
>       I'm not an expert on these, but it was my understanding that
> certificates carry in internal "expiration date" after which the
> application may respond as it pleases.

Yes, but the *request* does not.
Also, if using openssl, just set the defaults in /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf to your 
values, so you can enter through the questions.
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