On Wednesday 22 January 2003 03:11 pm, Anselm Garbe wrote:
>    a while ago I asked on this list, if someone knows an curses based
> frontend for the FreeBSD ports collection, which behaves like a package
> manager (e.g. dselect under Debian), but I got only responds, that this
> does not yet exist.
>    So I invested much time in the last 7 weeks to develop such a tool. Its
> name is portsman (= ports manager) und you'll find it under:
>    http://portsman.berlios.de (homepage)
>    http://developer.berlios.de/projects/portsman/ (developer page)
>    Today I released the first rc of upcoming portsman 0.2, you can download
> the package under:
>    http://download.berlios.de/portsman/portsman-0.2-rc1.tar.gz
>    Currently I have not much feedback about it, so it'd be great if you
> could try it and give me feedback. :-)

Hi, i just saw this email today.
I tried version .2  I couldn't follow the cvs instructions on your website.
It looks pretty cool.  a couple issues:
- I don't see any kind of cursor to let me know what line I am on to select a 
given category or port.  So I can only tell by counting, or guessing and 
trying.  An ascii cursor letting me know what line i am on would be great-.
- The man page does not say by what method portsman proposes to use to upgrade 
a port.  portupgrade seems like the current best way to do it, to manage the 
dependencies properly.
- The help page is good, but maybe a context relevant list of commands put in 
one or two lines at the top or bottom of the screen would help.
-The ports description shows only about 48 characters with no apparent way to 
see the whole description.
-It does not see some of the ports/pkgs I have installed and mark them 
properly as already installed.  This happened with Xchat2

Probably the best way to get this into the project is to create a port out of 
it.  See the porters handbook at freebsd.org for how to do that.  Then 
discuss this a bit more at [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list.


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