On 5/2/09, Paul B. Mahol <one...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 5/1/09, Chris Whitehouse <cwhi...@onetel.com> wrote:
>> Paul B. Mahol wrote:
>>> On 4/29/09, Chris Whitehouse <cwhi...@onetel.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi all
>>>> I'm trying to get a Linksys WPC54Gv5 wireless pccard working. It has a
>>>> Marvell 8335 chip. I've created a module with ndisgen and I can see
>>>> ndis0. When I up it with ifconfig I immediately get repeated messages:
>>>> Apr 28 23:23:19 pcbsd kernel: interrupt storm detected on "irq11:";
>>>> throttling interrupt source
>>>> As soon as I down the interface the messages stop.
>>>> I've also tried starting ndis0 with polling
>>>> # ifconfig ndis0 inet polling
>>>> but still get the messages. I guess this driver doesn't support
>>>> polling.
>>>> Or I've got the syntax wrong.
>>> That command is not currently efective at all for ndisX(I yet have to
>>> see if it is possible).
>>>> According to vmstat -i irq11 is used by cbb0 and pcm0. ndis0 is on irq9
>>>> irq9: cbb1 ndis0++
>>>> This is on PCBSD 7.1 which is FreeBSD 7.2-PRERELEASE
>>>> Any way I can get this thing working?
>>> Try yo disable cbbX if you dont use it or enable MSI for pcm0 (if
>>> possible).
>> This is a pcmcia card in a laptop so cbb is needed :( There is no
>> reference to msi in the pcm man page so I guess it is not available for
>> this system. (Paul I saw a post from you on multimedia about msi in hdac
>> and sure enough there is a reference to msi in snd_hda(4) man page). Am
>> I looking in the right place?
> msi for snd_hda(if that is your sound driver) should be enabled by default
> on CURRENT (dunno about 7):
> hint.hdac.%d.msi=1
> You could try to use different dev.ndis.0.InterruptNumber for ndis0.
> Changing it via sysctl is not supported, you will need to modify right
> line(s)
> in inf file, or in .h file generated with ndiscvt(1) via ndisgen(8)
> Dunno if that will work .... (never tried)

Tried, doesnt work. Polling could be enabled if miniport driver for your
card supports it, look output of sysctl dev.ndis.0

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