Paul B. Mahol wrote:
On 5/2/09, Paul B. Mahol <> wrote:
On 5/1/09, Chris Whitehouse <> wrote:
Paul B. Mahol wrote:
On 4/29/09, Chris Whitehouse <> wrote:
Hi all

I'm trying to get a Linksys WPC54Gv5 wireless pccard working. It has a
Marvell 8335 chip. I've created a module with ndisgen and I can see
ndis0. When I up it with ifconfig I immediately get repeated messages:

Apr 28 23:23:19 pcbsd kernel: interrupt storm detected on "irq11:";
throttling interrupt source

As soon as I down the interface the messages stop.

I've also tried starting ndis0 with polling

# ifconfig ndis0 inet polling

but still get the messages. I guess this driver doesn't support
Or I've got the syntax wrong.
That command is not currently efective at all for ndisX(I yet have to
see if it is possible).

According to vmstat -i irq11 is used by cbb0 and pcm0. ndis0 is on irq9

irq9: cbb1 ndis0++

This is on PCBSD 7.1 which is FreeBSD 7.2-PRERELEASE

Any way I can get this thing working?
Try yo disable cbbX if you dont use it or enable MSI for pcm0 (if
This is a pcmcia card in a laptop so cbb is needed :( There is no
reference to msi in the pcm man page so I guess it is not available for
this system. (Paul I saw a post from you on multimedia about msi in hdac
and sure enough there is a reference to msi in snd_hda(4) man page). Am
I looking in the right place?
msi for snd_hda(if that is your sound driver) should be enabled by default
on CURRENT (dunno about 7):

my driver is snd_t4dwave and msi is not mentioned in the man page. Does that mean it's not available?

You could try to use different dev.ndis.0.InterruptNumber for ndis0.
Changing it via sysctl is not supported, you will need to modify right
in inf file, or in .h file generated with ndiscvt(1) via ndisgen(8)

Dunno if that will work .... (never tried)

Tried, doesnt work. Polling could be enabled if miniport driver for your
card supports it, look output of sysctl dev.ndis.0

no reference to polling in sysctl dev.ndis

hmm not looking good so far

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