On 2003-03-02 17:22, "Pedro F. Giffuni" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > So?  Set your EDITOR environment variable to whatever you prefer
> > and you won't have to deal with vi.
> I tried that with pico some years ago, but the result
> was not nice.

That's a problem of pico then.  Pico does stupid things like wrapping
long lines when it shouldn't or messing up with ^M characters at the
end of lines.

Use a real editor instead of a plaything.  The ports collection
includes many fine editors.

> Anyway, it's not even an option since I've been unable to set up ppp
> properly. It connects fine but it doesn't resolv any address, and I
> have "enable dns" set on ppp.conf

Show us your ppp.conf file taking care to mask usernames and passwords
in the authname and authkey lines.

- Giorgos

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