On Sunday 02 March 2003 03:01 pm, Cliff Sarginson wrote:
| On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 01:49:21PM -0600, Mike Meyer wrote:
| > In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Cliff Sarginson 
| > > Will the ports maintainers *please* make sure they release
| > > compilable ports..especially for the big mothers like X/KDE.
| >
| > I'm sure they do. However, they can't test in your environment. The
| > X ports built fine for me. I don't use KDE, so haven't tried to
| > build that. If you send the maintainer a note with the error
| > messages when you tried to build the port, they might be able to
| > fix it. A generic "it didn't build" on -questions almost certainly
| > means that nothing will happen.
| Ok Mike, I really do always respect your advice.
| I want as much as anyone else that things *work*.
| I do not mind geting my hand dirty, if it improves things.
| But I think, after reflecting on it, that the ports system is in a
| mess. I will see if I can be more positive about improving it.
| But I am dmned if I am going to learn Ruby :)

I would disgree that the ports system in general is a "mess"; indeed, I 
think it's about the best single thing about FreeBSD.

It *is* true that upgrading is a problem but I dont' believe that this 
is the fault of the ports system; indeed, the real problem is that 
versioning on shared libraries is inadequate.

And there is only so much that the ports system can do about it.

As long as that problem remains, then ANY attempt to do partial upgrades 
can only aspire to succeed "most of the time"; it can never be reliable 
no matter HOW smart the ports system or portupgrade becomes.

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