On Sunday 02 March 2003 02:37 pm, Cliff Sarginson wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 03:33:49PM -0500, taxman wrote:
> > On Sunday 02 March 2003 02:22 pm, Cliff Sarginson wrote:
> > > At the risk of being accused of a complainer.
> > > I will state here that my experiments in the use of portupgrade,
> > > have left me without a useable X system.
> > > Guess it is back to the CD's.
> > > Will the ports maintainers *please* make sure they release
> > > compilable ports..especially for the big mothers like X/KDE.
> >
> > Cliff, it's worked fine for me.  I installed all of KDE3 from
> > ports.  Got virtually no errors, but I did do it by uninstalling
> > almost all of my installed ports.  So yes portupgrade for something
> > that large did not work. Try making packages out of what ports you
> > have installed.  Then uninstalling and reinstalling them shouldn't
> > be too bad.
> >     And you've got to understand the complexity problems involved
> > here.  There are 8200 or so ports right now.  Each has as many as
> > 60 dependencies (like kde).  This creates an incredible web that is
> > very difficult to keep working. The ports maintainers do a great
> > job of this in fact.
> >     What is nearly impossible is to have it work perfectly for every
> > given individual installation that may have many thousands of
> > individual configuration changes, versions, old binary, source
> > cruft lying around. So as mentioned before, problems could easily
> > be due to stuff only you have on your system.  Try building in a
> > clean environment.  If you get the same error in a clean
> > environment then a clear message to the port maintainer with how to
> > repeat the problem is the only way for them to get it working.  It
> > doesn't involve knowing how to code in the given language, just
> > useful error messages.
> >     An "it doesn't work" is useless and does fall into the complainer
> > side, even if you're not trying to.
> >
> > Try that and then ask questions if you can't get something working.
> >
> > Tim
> I know, you are right. A complaint in a vacuum is useless,  I should
> know better. All I can say is I *wanted* it to work :)
> But (big B) I am using this on a very ordinary computer. It is my
> personal part of the network. No big deals. Of course the whole ports
> system has mind bogglinging complications with something like KDE.
> But (another big B)..I did clean the whole situation up, and still
> stuff will not compile, and not just lib/linking errors .. which are
> kind of understandable, but syntax errors in the C(++) code. Now that
> is wrong. Linking errors are as inevitable as the weather, compilaton
> errors are not. Anyway I will shut up now, just a lover's tiff with
> FreeBSD, won't end in divorce.

Do you have ports refused? Are you rebuilding INDEX and INDEX.db 
everytime you cvsup ports-all. Refuses are known to break the "make 


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA


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