We still have places available on the following training courses running in 
May, at £109 plus VAT per person, which is inclusive of a full day’s training, 
lunch, refreshments, course materials, certificate of completion and membership 
to our website. You will receive the lowest rate by booking online at 
www.trainingforyoubyus.com. We also deliver all of our workshops 
in-house/on-site, at extremely competitive rates.  
Creative & Professional Writing Skills – Manchester, 13 May & London, 21 May
This workshop is aimed at those for whom professional writing is a staple of 
their working life. This workshop is designed to arm delegates with some simple 
techniques to radically improve the quality and results of their writing, be it 
for print or web publication.
Perfect Podcasts – Edinburgh, 15 May
This workshop is aimed at delegates who might know what a Podcast is, but who 
want to better understand how to create a perfect Podcast to market their 
business, educate a community, share an opinion or just to have fun. This 
practical workshop will help you create a podcast, using it as a simple and 
effective method to get a message across to thousands of people who may either 
visit your business or personal website or a dedicated podcasting site.
Presentation & Communication Skills – London, 18 May & Manchester, 28 May
This workshop is aimed at individuals and organisations who want to improve the 
way they present and communicate - both formally and informally - for 
effectiveness and profitability.  Every participant is provided with an 
opportunity to practice the techniques and skills needed to prepare and deliver 
a great presentation, and introduces the wide number of sources of noise or 
interference that can enter into the communication process. 
Effective Training Skills – Manchester, 13 May & London, 19 May
This workshop is aimed at those who are required to effectively train employees, 
colleagues or clients in an interesting, engaging and confident manner, in a way that 
is practical and designed to help delegates gain new skills, knowledge and 
understanding essential in the training of adults in the workplace. Specific topics 
covered include:-The Role of the Trainer; The Trainer & Adult Learners; Training 
Strategies; Training Needs Analysis; Feedback & Evaluation and Training Plans.
Media Strategies & Campaigns – London, 20 May
This workshop provides some practical guidelines on how to develop appropriate media 
strategies & manage effective media campaigns. One of the best ways of reaching 
your target audiences, influencing policy & practice and changing public opinion is 
to make use of the media. This programme is designed to help individuals and 
organisations develop strategies and campaigns to get the media working for them and 
with them.
Writing Press Releases – London, 22 May
This workshop is designed to equip delegates with the most important elements 
of the press release, which are a clear and engaging text, careful selection of 
recipients, and good timing of release. A well-written, well-distributed and 
well-timed press release is not difficult or expensive to produce, yet can be 
effective and useful. The key to writing an effective press release is getting 
it read and the information published.
Marketing & Customer Service Strategies – Birmingham, 26 May
When the economic climate is so difficult, the one thing that might just separate your 
organisation from the rest is the way you market your product, idea or service and look 
after your clients. The aim of this programme is to develop and improve your 
organisation through enhanced marketing skills and the service you provide to your 
clients. We focus on the key areas of finding new clients; promotion & publicity; 
creating a successful client experience; image & presentation skills. 
Media Relations: tv, Radio, Print – Manchester, 29 May 
This, our most popular workshop, is aimed at those who have to deal with the 
media on a local, national or international level, or perhaps who might want to 
use the media for their own benefit. This is an ideal way to learn, or brush up 
on, the skills required. It is a very practical workshop, where delegates are 
recorded being interviewed, with useful feedback provided and the opportunity 
to purchase a DVD copy.
Other courses include:
Handling Interviews
This workshop is aimed at those who have had very little interview experience, 
and who are looking to pick up the basic, solid skills, knowledge and 
attitudes, in order to successfully deal with interviews, and interviewers in a 
range of settings. 
PowerPoint Presentation Skills
This workshop is aimed at those who want to create professional presentations 
with PowerPoint. Each delegate will be given an opportunity to present this to 
the group, whereupon feedback will be given and practical ways in which to 
improve. This may take the form of help with your slides, your presentation 
technique, or simply ideas to help you create a slicker, more effective 
Facilitation Skills
This workshop is aimed at delegates who are responsible for facilitating a 
group of people. It is ideal for those who want practical tips on how to deal 
with groups and the way in which they interact, on how to maximise a group’s 
potential and the right tools to use to generate and evaluate ideas within a 
group and help the decision making process and to design and manage team and 
project reviews.
Emergency Planning & Call Handling
This workshop is ideal if your organisation needs people trained to effectively 
respond when the media and the public contact you in cases of emergency.  If 
you or any of your colleagues ever have to deal with calls in a crisis, then 
this hands-on workshop is a cost effective and practical way to learn or brush 
up on the skills required.
Teambuilding & Group Dynamics
This workshop is ideal if you or your colleagues are responsible for a group of 
people and you want some practical tips on how to deal with conflict 
resolution, anger management, team building and relationships within the group. 
If you need the skills to get your group working better together, then this 
workshop is an excellent way to start the ball rolling.
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