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Or you could consider helping find a way to
the www to send-pr while preventing script kiddies
abusing it.

Well, If heard for years several committers criticising the whole PR system. Time for bugzilla??


You could always ask the list for help.

Thanks! I'll do this when I find more time to hunt the
problem. What's weird (for me) is that I don't have
their DNS IP address: since Windows doesn't need it,
the ISP doesn't provide it. My ISP sucks, but it's the
cheapest around here, and for the typical use my
parents give to the computer it's fine.



If you really have a problem submitting new ports, send them per e-mail to me or someone you know. If you send them to me, I'll verify them and ask you for feedback if I find sth. I think what should changed.

After that, I submit them under your name.

Would that ok for you?

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