Mel Flynn schreef:
On Saturday 02 May 2009 14:50:14 Jeroen Hofstee wrote:
I tried to find a program which could scan the local filesystem and
extract a lists of well known web projects (joomla, wordpress etc)
Not that I'm aware of and it's hell to write and keep current.
k, pitty. Although user can be jailed, it is still a bit unconfortable experience for users if their website looks somewhat different then they are used to; or their message board suddenly contains 20000 additional post, albeit due to their own lack of maintaining the scripts behind it. A reminder that their script has known vulnerabities would therefore be nice, even if it doesn't pose a direct risk to the system as a whole.

Most of these open source projects are in the ports, so the portaudit db will contain vulnerability information for them. If I find time, I will have a look if it is possible to match against that db.


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