On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 05:24:21PM -0600, Kirk Strauser wrote:
> At 2003-03-02T22:15:59Z, Kent Stewart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > portupgrade -puf portupgrade
> > portupgrade -pufr png
> > portupgrade -pufr fontconfig
> > portupgrade -pufr libxml2
> > portupgrade -pufr ghostscript-gnu
> Interesting.  I almost always user `portupgrade -rR foo' without other
> options.  That way, recursion works in both directions, and every package
> that could possibly be affected in any way by upgrading `foo' gets updated.
> I've been doing this for months and have never encountered a problem
> situation.  Has anyone upgraded this way and still had trouble?

I only use 'portupgrade -Ra' -- I've found that the -R helps on many
(but unfortunately not all) occasions to get portupgrade to build ports
first before the dependencies get dragged in by the port itself. This was
needed when I used -s also, but I don't bother anymore because it didn't
cover all cases apparently. I might check into this again.

Anyway, I've succesfully survived XFree, gnumeric, and mozilla upgrades this
way. I do religiously add any port build options to pkgtools.conf though, so
that I never have to do any 'interactive' portbuild.


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