On Sunday 02 March 2003 03:08 pm, Defryn, Guy wrote:
> I am thinking about getting an ADSL connection and I would like to know
> which (internal) ADSL modems work well with Freebsd.

I don't know, but check the hardware notes on the FreeBSD.org website.
also any adsl modem that interfaces intelligently with ethernet should work 
ok.  If you search for your specific ISP and freebsd, yo may see some 
messages of other people that have gotten it working.  Have you tried calling 
the tech support to see if they have a clue?

> Although I have very good knowledge of NT I have decided to use a
> Freebsd box to connect my network to the internet. I want host my own
> website and ftp.

> I only have basic knowledge of Freebsd and I would like to get some
> security tips.

See the security section of the FreeBSD handbook for some starters. 
man security has similiar info.  Security is not an easy thing to pick up 

> I'll start with implementing a firewall and closing risky services :-)

good idea.  start looking at ipfw or ipf.  googling for ipfw on freebsd should 
get you some guidelines.  man ipfw has the gory details for ipfw.
man firewall has some good stuff to get started too.

hope some of that helps,

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